Patricia Ann Roberts L.P.C.

Health Professional  

2200 W Main St, Box 3834 Medical Center, Durham , NC - 27710

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Apex Bahama Butner Carrboro Cary Cedar Grove Chapel Hill Creedmoor Efland Franklinton Haw River Holly Springs Mebane Morrisville New Hill Pittsboro Raleigh Rolesville Rougemont Wake Forest Youngsville

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Lifescapes Counseling Associates, Pllc

1091 Pemberton Hill Rd Suite 102, Apex , NC - 27502
Phone: 919-303-0273
Specialty: Health Professional

Ms. Patricia GAY Anderson LPC, CEAP

1071 PEMBERTON HILL ROAD 201, Apex , NC - 27502
Phone: 919-623-0255
Specialty: Health Professional

Amy Benton Moulds MEd, LPC, NCC

1091 Pemberton Hill Rd Suite 102, Apex , NC - 27502
Phone: 919-303-0273
Specialty: Health Professional


Ms. Merrily Neill

700 Bolin Creek Dr , Carrboro , NC - 27510
Phone: 919-942-1200
Specialty: Health Professional

Mr. John Paul Parraga L.P.C

110 W. Main St , Carrboro , NC - 27510
Phone: 919-338-1939
Specialty: Health Professional

Advanced Health Resources

N CARR MILL MALL 200 N GREENSBORO ST STE C-6, Carrboro , NC - 27510
Phone: 919-960-2711
Specialty: Health Professional


Mrs. Victoria anne Orr lpc

114 Cricket Hill Ln , Cary , NC - 27513
Phone: 919-889-5814
Specialty: Health Professional

Ruth K. Echols, Lpc, Pllc

Phone: 919-244-1885
Specialty: Health Professional

Mr. Donald Dwane Wynne M.Ed., LPC, NCC

515 KEISLER DR 104, Cary , NC - 27518
Phone: 919-618-7120
Specialty: Health Professional

Charles MARSHALL Glover LPC

515 KEISLER DR SUITE 104, Cary , NC - 27518
Phone: 919-616-8819
Specialty: Health Professional

Pride In North Carolina, Inc

117 EDINBURGH SOUTH DRIVE SUITE 205, Cary , NC - 27511
Phone: 919-467-4745
Specialty: Health Professional

Chapel Hill

Mrs. Dockery Roberts Durham NCC, NCSC, LPC

1709 Legion Rd Suites 112 & 113, Chapel Hill , NC - 27517
Phone: 919-968-4444
Specialty: Health Professional

Dr. Allison Bronwyn Ford PhD LPC

101 CLOISTER CT SUITE D, Chapel Hill , NC - 27514
Phone: 919-636-5210
Specialty: Health Professional

Mrs. Ellen Marie Junker MA, LPC

104 S Estes Dr Suite 206, Chapel Hill , NC - 27514
Phone: 919-923-7437
Specialty: Health Professional

Ms. Nancy Lee Garson-angert Ed.M., LPC, NCC

117 Hunters Ridge Rd , Chapel Hill , NC - 27517
Phone: 919-932-7818
Specialty: Health Professional

Dr. Alberta Koch Hattem PhD

180 Providence Rd Suite 9, Chapel Hill , NC - 27514
Phone: 919-928-0879
Specialty: Health Professional
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